This Month I’ve Read – July 2017

In this "This Month I've Read" series, I want to share 5 blogs / articles concerning Microsoft Enterprise Integration that really drew my attention throughout the last month.  Here you can find my selection for this month. Sean Feldman - Azure ServiceBus plug-ins The new Microsoft.Azure.ServiceBus client is now more extensible, as it provides a … Continue reading This Month I’ve Read – July 2017

Integrate 2017 – The aftermath!

Last week we had the incredible Integrate 2017 event.  First of all thumbs up for the BizTalk360 team: it was a real smooth organization!  This blog post describes my personal thoughts, after digesting the enormous amount of presentations.  I've tried to capture the most important statements and their related challenges for integration experts. Really better … Continue reading Integrate 2017 – The aftermath!