API Platforms: centralized vs decentralized?

Throughout the last years, we really see a rise of API platforms!  The business cases behind these platforms vary from B2B/B2C marketplaces, over data-sharing initiatives towards exploration of new, innovative business models. Regardless of the scenario, there's one fundamental question that always pops-up:  will the data be stored centralized or decentralized?  Let's investigate the options! … Continue reading API Platforms: centralized vs decentralized?

FIFO in integration scenarios

First In, First Out (FIFO) is often requested in integration scenarios.  Many integration systems are built to process a huge number of messages in parallel, so FIFO is often a requirement that forces you to go against the natural flavour of your integration hub.  This blog covers some advice, scenarios and solutions in case you … Continue reading FIFO in integration scenarios

The importance of idempotent receivers

This blog was originally posted here. In many integration projects, the importance of idempotent receivers is overlooked. This blog post summarizes what idempotent receivers are, why we need them and how we can achieve it. What? Let's first have a closer look at the definition of idempotence, according to Wikipedia. "Idempotence is the property of certain … Continue reading The importance of idempotent receivers