Be aware of the Logic Apps XML transform action!

This time a short blog, with an important message.  If you are using the XML transform action, my advice is to investigate whether the Transform options are applicable to your situation.  These options are hidden and not documented, so often forgotten.


There are three transform options:

  • Disable the byte order mark: this ensures that the output does not start with a Byte Order Mark (BOM)
  • Generate text output: this should be enabled if you’re outputting non-XML messages
  • Apply XSLT output attributes: this ensures that output attributes (e.g. omit-xml-declaration) are respected

The documentation of the XML transform action is outdated and not complete.  I understand that these features have been introduced as options, in order to respect backwards compatibility.  However, the Apply XSLT output attributes should be enabled by default on all new Logic Apps, as it’s a bug if the output attributes are ignored.


One thought on “Be aware of the Logic Apps XML transform action!

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