Logic Apps Live Recap – November 29, 2017

This post contains a recap of the (almost) monthly Logic Apps Live webcast.  In case you missed it or you don’t want to watch the complete session, you can find here the most important highlights!  Watch the complete recording over here. What's new? SOAP Connector: the most requested connector on UserVoice is finally there!  Fantastic!  The … Continue reading Logic Apps Live Recap – November 29, 2017

SQL Server 2016: MAX DOP at database level.

Very recently, I discovered a new feature in SQL Server 2016.  It allows you to configure the Max Degree of Parallelism (MAXDOP) on a database level, instead of instance level.    This is very important to take into account for BizTalk installations.  The BizTalk MessageBox database performs at it best when MAXDOP is set to 1. … Continue reading SQL Server 2016: MAX DOP at database level.

Use Liquid templates in Logic Apps

As explained in a previous post, Logic Apps has already some basic actions to transform objects and arrays.  However, from the moment transformation between JSON objects becomes more complex, it turns out to be insufficient.  That's why the brand new Liquid template feature has been released recently.  Let's check out how it works! Liquid? Liquid … Continue reading Use Liquid templates in Logic Apps

Deploying long running Logic Apps

Recently I received some questions about deploying long running Logic Apps. Before providing an answer, I double-checked if my thoughts were correct. Deployment statements My answer contained the following statements: A new version of a Logic App can be deployed, when there are old versions running. A Logic App completes in the (potentially old) version … Continue reading Deploying long running Logic Apps